Learning Solutions: Support for Change Agents

Across the United States, individuals, organizations and communities are wrestling with a wide array of challenging and “wicked” science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-related problems. The good news is that thousands of individuals, organizations and communities are coming up with great ideas for how to confront these problems. Unfortunately, most will encounter significant roadblocks to success along the way, but not because of bad ideas. Most professionals falter along the long and often convoluted pathway between idea and successful execution because they bump up against barriers they do not expect or know how to overcome. This National Science Foundation-supported pilot project is working on developing a multi-platform Learning Solutions program designed to support those individuals, organizations and communities engaged in work that cultivates the public’s understanding of, engagement with, and interest in STEM fields and STEM-related information. By better understanding the experiences of STEM learning change agents, the challenges they face, and the creative learning solutions they enact, this project will ensure that more professionals successfully access the learning know-how they need, when they need it, in curated, easy-to-digest formats. The Learning Solutions project is committed to building capacity and will help more people, successfully bring more good ideas to fruition.

Project Team: John Falk, Ph.D., Elysa Corin, Ph.D., Stacey Sheehan , Ashanti Davis