Ashanti Davis

Research Associate

Ashanti Davis is a Research Associate at the Institute for Learning Innovation. She is described as an Artist, Thinker, Social Justice Advocate, and Museum Practitioner who believes in the power of art and creativity to create meaningful change. She has led interdisciplinary teams in the development of unique STEM experiences and exhibitions and has acted as Chair and co-instigator for internal groups for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility. As someone who represents both culturally and cognitively diverse communities, she understands the necessity for cultural competency and the decolonization of museological practice and leadership, ultimately shifting the ways in which museums engage intentionally with their entire community. Davis is an Alumni Fellow of the ASTC Leadership and Diversity Fellowship program, received a BA in Creative Arts and Communications from Richmond American International University, and an MA in Museum Studies and Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University in 2021. She looks forward to continuing her work as a leader in the Arts and Culture sector and catalyzing meaningful change through lenses of social justice, curiosity, and creativity for all communities.