Elysa Corin Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Elysa Corin is an education researcher who studies learning across contexts (e.g., museums, parks, community organizations, schools, workplaces, the home). Her research focuses on the interest-driven and free-choice learning of science, as well as the environments, resources, and tools that support self-directed learning. An important driver of Corin’s work is improving access to learning opportunities by identifying and removing barriers faced by learners of different genders, races, geographies, and socioeconomics. She is interested in how relationships and partnerships among organizations can support the learners in their communities. Corin holds a Ph.D. and an M.Ed. in Science Education from North Carolina State University, and an A.B. in Physics with minor concentrations in Astronomy and Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College.

Elysa’s expertise includes interest-driven science learning, mixed methods, and learning across contexts. Her favorite free-choice learning activities include exploring new places, particularly by hiking and camping. She also enjoys growing plants, stargazing, learning constellation stories and making pottery.

Email: elysa.corin@freechoicelearning.org
Phone: (415) 779-5393