Elysa Corin Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Sr. Researcher, Elysa Corin is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is dedicated to exploring the power of free-choice learning. Her work primarily focuses on self-directed learning in science and explores the resources, tools, and environments that support interest-driven learning across the lifespan. She is passionate about forging relationships and partnerships among organizations and individuals to create a supportive community-based science-learning ecosystem for learners of all ages. Her current projects span rural and urban communities, and learner populations that include elementary-aged children through adults, as well as scientists, hobbyists, and multi-generational families learning together, to name a few.

Drawing on her expertise in mixed methods research, Dr. Corin is committed to collaborating with partners to solve problems and generate new insights into how free-choice learning can serve as a valuable tool in promoting positive individual- and community-level outcomes. Her work centers learners and seeks to build understanding about how a tool, an experience, or collection of community resources supports learners from various backgrounds, including different genders, races, geographic locations, and socio-economic statuses. Her work may be of interest to practitioners and researchers who would like to better understand who is being served by which STEM-learning resources and spaces; and may be used to inform how to strengthen a community’s ability to support science learning for all.

Dr. Corin’s educational background includes a Ph.D. and an M.Ed. in Science Education from North Carolina State University, and an A.B. in Physics, with minor concentrations in Astronomy and Environmental Studies, from Dartmouth College. When it comes to personal free-choice learning activities, she finds joy in stargazing, gardening, ceramics, and hiking. These personal pursuits further fuel her passion for understanding the transformative potential of self-directed learning experiences.

Email: elysa.corin@freechoicelearning.org
Phone: (415) 779-5393