Our Mission

The Institute for Learning Innovation is working to reshape the learning landscape by catalyzing innovation in lifelong, free-choice learning.

Our Vision

All people have access, ability, and support to learn whatever they need, or want to learn, wherever, whenever, and however they choose, leading to a healthier, more sustainable, and just world.

What is free-choice learning?

Free-choice learning is about self-motivated learning.

The Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) uses this term to describe this type of learning, rather than terms like informal learning or non-formal learning. We believe this term correctly emphasizes that learning is ultimately about choices – why we personally and collectively choose what, where, how, and with whom to learn.

Free-choice learning can and does happen anywhere, including sometimes in schools, but most commonly happens in places like museums, libraries, on the internet, on vacation, and while engaged in hobbies and other personal pursuits.

By focusing on free-choice learning, ILI researchers, trainers, and developers are able to better understand and support the vast majority of learning opportunities that children and adults engage in across the spaces and times of their lives.

Our Approach

For more than 30 years, ILI has been an innovator in thinking systemically about learning by:

ILI is solution-focused and action-oriented, and helps systems support learners and learners navigate systems. ILI maintains a proven track record of advocating for a broader, more inclusive understanding of what constitutes public education. ILI strives to create a future rich with lifelong, free-choice learning opportunities for all.