Stacey Sheehan

Director of Communications

Based in Western New York, Stacey Sheehan is the Director of Communications for the Institute for Learning Innovation. After realizing that no single position offered the variety and range she was seeking, she launched her own virtual business where she worked as a well-rounded Freelance Communications Professional for over 15 years. This venture brought both joy and vast experience in business development, public relations, marketing, and the creation of diverse, content-based campaigns designed for corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profit organizations. Whether through public speaking, published materials, creative content, or digital platforms, she is rewarded by using her experience and well-developed instincts to build understanding, engagement, and community through her work.

Stacey’s favorite free-choice learning activities include supplementing her son’s formal education through meaningful hands-on experiences while they explore life outside the classroom and learning new ways to be a more effective ally for marginalized communities and individuals.