STEM 360: Multi-Setting, Multi-Platform STEM Education Engagement Program and Research Study

The STEM 360 Project is helping to change who has access to learning over their lifetime by developing, testing, and refining an innovative model for cultivating STEM interests and capabilities of urban youth through informal/formal STEM learning experiences. In partnership with the Virginia Air & Space Center (VASC) and area schools this project explores how three different levels of STEM engagement influence children’s STEM career awareness, academic performance, engagement and attitudes. The research funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia is focused on answering: 1) In what ways could a comprehensive suite of learning interventions – both in- and out-of-school – measurably improve children’s STEM interest, attitudes, and workforce awareness?; 2) How and in what ways did the results vary as a function of the level of learning intervention participants experienced? and; 3) What effect did gender and socioeconomic status have on the results?

Video: Virginia Air & Space Center – STEM 360 Documentary

Project Team: Deborah Siegel Ph.D., John H. Falk Ph.D.,