STAR Library Network (STAR Net) Phase 3: Enhancing STEAM Equity and Learning Opportunities in Libraries and Their Rural Communities

The STEAM Equity Project is a National Science Foundation-funded collaboration between the Space Science Institute’s (SSI), the National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) the American Library Association (ALA), the Institute for Learning Innovation, and Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) that is helping to change who has access to learning over their lifetime. Building on STAR Net’s evidence-based professional learning model for library staff, this project aims to enhance STEAM equity and learning opportunities for rural communities through public libraries. The team will iteratively investigate how varying designed STEAM experiences can increase gender equity and diverse audience engagement, with a focus on Latinx communities, among rural youth (ages 10-13). This study will deepen the field’s understanding of how libraries can contribute to supporting youth interest and persistence in STEAM learning in their rural communities.

Project Team: Debbie Siegel, Dr. John H. Falk, Nicole Claudio 


Do you have a 10-13-year-old child who may be interested in participating in our study? Please click below and select English or Spanish to learn more.