Nicole Claudio – Research Associate

After having the opportunity to work with her as an independent contractor – we are so pleased to announce that Nicole Claudio has joined ILI as a full-time Research Associate!

Nicole is committed to understanding how museums and other free-choice learning environments can better serve all learners in their efforts to build a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, making her a complementary fit who aligns with the shared goals and mission of our organization.

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, she studied anthropology at Loyola University Chicago where she discovered a passion for research that strengthens community relationships. This led to a master’s degree in museum studies and specialization in museum evaluation at the University of Washington, Seattle, and ultimately, to the pursual of a career in culturally responsive evaluation.

Nicole has led institutional dialogue that clarifies programmatic learning outcomes, designed study plans that captured qualitative and quantitative information, and analyzed data for useful, actionable conclusions.

Currently, she is supporting ILI by interpreting the findings of a landscape study about inclusive museum programs available to people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and working with librarians to explore youth engagement with STEM activities in rural communities.

“At the beginning of 2021, I began working with Judy Koke and Monae Verbeke as a contracted evaluator. I quickly felt a fulfilling sense of purpose. There is tremendous relief and inspiration that emerges when you collaborate with invested, thoughtful, and open-minded teams – such as those at ILI and their partners. I have had the pleasure of contributing to work that advances values I care deeply about: broadening equitable access to learning opportunities and amplifying community voices. In my new role, I am thrilled and motivated to see the positive changes we continue creating together.“

Welcome, Nicole! We are so pleased to have you on the team.



Posted Nov 22, 2021