Update: A new chapter for Dr. Dierking

(Photo Dr. Lynn Dierking finds her niche in Marrakech – and with us!)


Dr. Lynn Dierking has always worn many hats but recently, she retired from Oregon State University after spending the past 15 years as a Sea Grant Professor of Free-Choice Learning.

Now able to commit to our organization in a much greater capacity she has hit the ground running in a new role as Principal Researcher. Lynn applies renewed energy and enthusiasm to her work and a strong commitment to the learning of families, youth, and children across the lifetime and is passionate about IDEAL (our unique twist on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access. We add the letter “L,” for Learning, recognizing its critical function in creating a healthy, sustainable, and just world.)

Diving right in, Lynn has submitted or been a part of several grants and requests for proposals, consulted with long-time partners at the USS Constitution Museum in Boston about new directions in family learning, and is actively working with a team on a project at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto as they reimagine their Discovery Gallery.

She even managed to fit in a celebratory trip to France and Morocco!

Please join us in congratulating Lynn and welcoming her into this new and exciting chapter. She can be reached at Lynn.Dierking@freechoicelearning.org.

Posted Jun 8, 2022