The ILI Global Book Club

This summer, we’ll be exploring a new way to connect with each other as we launch ILI’s first-ever, global book club!

Through a series of 5-6 sessions (in successive months) we’ll select a timely (and hopefully) riveting read and meet virtually with the author to explore the theories and ideas behind each book, reflecting on ways we may be able to apply them professionally or on a larger scale. Each book club session will be moderated by a variety of knowledgeable and lively hosts and will be limited to 20 participants to make room for real and robust conversations with the author in question who will be in attendance at each session to answer questions and discuss what lies within the pages and beyond!

As some of you may be aware, our Executive Director, Dr. John H. Falk, published a new book this fall – The Value of Museums: Museums Enhancing Societal Well-Being which we believe is the perfect book to pilot our new book club.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 17th at 11 am EST (United States) on the third Tuesday of every month, we’ll be spending an hour with Dr. Falk talking about this thought-provoking book and the many ways in which it may have an impact on the future of museums and cultural institutions.

We look forward to learning more about what readers found interesting, and what really resonated. How readers see well-being impacting institutions and communities and discussing the ways in which the ideas in this book can be used to spark innovation and improvement in the field.

Although spaces have now been filled for our first session, future sessions may open based on interest.

In the meantime, the publisher ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD has temporarily provided a discount code, allowing those who are interested to receive 30% OFF the purchase of the book.

When ordering, from them directly please enter code RLFANDF30 at checkout.

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