The Connected Audience: International Series of Conferences on Audiences Development & Research

The Connected Audience Conference Series helps to change who has access to learning over their lifetime by supporting the role of museums and cultural institutions in becoming more visitor-focused. In the 21st century, successful museums and cultural institutions need to be open spaces, act as vital resources and platforms, and partner with multiple organizations and initiatives to support public learning, social development, and growth in a changing world. However, there is still a long way to go to ensure an audience-focused perspective within the culture sector and for this approach to be considered as a key strategic element of an institution’s culture. It is vital that museums and cultural institutions know their audiences (and non-audiences). Only then they will be able to come up with effective strategies to connect with diverse audiences while also addressing the audiences’ individual needs and expectations.

Planning is underway for the fifth Connected Audience conference which we are planning for April 2025 in person, in Berlin. Keep an eye on this space for developments as they continue to unfold.

Project Team: John H. Falk Ph.D., Judith Koke