Reconceptualizing STEM+C Literacy

The Reconceptualizing STEM+C Literacy project sought to improve our understanding of how people learn over their lifespan by reconceptualizing how to define and measure STEM+C (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, including Computing) literacy. Through this project, we developed an innovative, digital tool to improve the opportunities for the public to expand their literacy. Even though supporting and sustaining the development of STEM+C literacy is the primary goal of all formal and informal STEM+C education institutions, what it means to be literate in these fields has long been in question due to the fact that historical measures have had at best superficial applicability to an individual’s everyday life or individual interests. With support from the National Science Foundation, the Institute has developed a new tool that will both measure the multi-dimensionality of STEM+C literacy and empower citizens to extend and develop their own literacy.

Project Team: John H. Falk Ph.D., Monae Verbeke Ph.D.