Public Awareness of STEM and Advancing the Role of Women in STEM: An International Conference

This National Science Foundation-funded international conference, organized by ILI and co-hosted with the National Science Museum, Thailand, will bring together a group of approximately 30 Science Technology & Society (STS) and Popularization of Science experts from 9 South Asian and Southeast Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand), plus the U.S., to discuss how best to increase both awareness and participation of STEM-related topics, with a special focus on girls and women. This high-level interactive conference will craft collective national and international strategies for promoting public awareness and appreciation of STEM as important factors in economic development and societal well-being, with a particular focus on gender equity and inclusion. The meeting will utilize the wealth of data showing how STEM drives economic development and emphasize the growing appreciation that education in STEM must be targeted, not only to future STEM professionals in government and industry but also to the general public. The major theme of the meeting will be how to develop strategies for increasing the participation of women and girls in STEM, both as STEM professionals and as informed and engaged, lifelong participants in a STEM-rich world.


Project Team: John Falk, Ph.D and Lynn Dierking, Ph.D.