Multi-Modal Science Effects Study

The Multi-Modal Science Effects Study was an effort to improve understanding of how people learn over their lifespan. The project quantitatively and qualitatively assessed the collective and relative contributions of a range of science education delivery media—schooling, broadcast media, science centers, reading of books, and the internet—on youth and adults’ interest and engagement with science. Funded by the Noyce Foundation with additional support from the National Science Foundation, this collaboration between the Institute for Learning Innovation, California Science Center, the Franklin Institute, and the Arizona Science Center involved large-scale random surveys and follow-up interviews with both adults and 10-12-year-old youth who were residents of L.A., Philadelphia, and Phoenix. Both the surveys and follow-up interviews specifically examined the experiences of low-income and minority individuals.

A paper describing project findings can be found here:

Authors: John H. Falk Ph.D., David D. Meier M.S.,