Los Mochis Museum Impact Study

The Los Mochis Museum Impact Study is improving how we understand lifelong learning by offering a unique opportunity to study the influence that the opening of the first interactive museum in Sinaloa, Mexico has on the youth of that community. Jointly funded by 7 Colores, the lead design company, and the State of Sinola, the project is using both quantitative and qualitative methods to better understand the role the new museum plays in supporting changes in local residents’ overall commitment to and interest in learning generally and interest in and knowledge of science in particular. Insights from similar international studies conducted primarily in other countries suggest that institutions such as Trapiche do significantly influence public interest and engagement with science. However, all previous investigations were conducted with existing institutions. This study, conducted with an entirely new institution in a community in which many citizens have little to no experience with interactive museums, will enable the collection of baseline data before the opening of the museum. Thus, the study will provide museum staff, city and state officials, and project developers with an empirically-based, unique, and valid understanding of the ways in which an interactive museum can impact its community.

Project Team: David D. Meier M.S., John H. Falk Ph.D., Lynn Dierking Ph.D.