IUSE: ThermoVR

ILI is collaborating with the Field Day Lab by evaluating the development of and implementation of a new online and virtual reality (VR) laboratory that teaches fundamental thermodynamic properties and relationships. We are utilizing a co-design approach with a cohort of thermodynamics instructors to ensure the virtual laboratory is feasible and effective across diverse undergraduate teaching contexts nationally. This project hopes to be a platform for new research in assessing learning using data generated by interacting with the laboratory, as well as the pedagogical and logistical integration of the virtual laboratory into the higher education classroom. Project outcomes will include a new free and publicly available virtual laboratory—ThermoVR—along with online support materials and activities that utilize the laboratory, a new community of engineering educators with experience co-designing and testing learning products for the classroom, and new findings from research into engineering teaching and assessment using simulation.


Project Team: Monae Verbeke Ph.D.