Chief Science Officer Program

The Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program is expanding where and when people learn by building tomorrow’s global leaders through the empowerment of youth today. CSOs are working directly with industry and community leaders to envision the future workforce and address the lack of qualified workers. The CSO program welcomes 6th through 12th graders who have been elected by their student peers to represent their school for STEM and innovation initiatives. CSOs serve as a voice for STEM education and identify opportunities for their schools as well as serve as a liaison for STEM in the community. Off campus, CSO youth advocate for STEM opportunities through local government and councils. The impact of youth who not only represented their peers but are also able to leverage a two-way communication pipeline for sharing knowledge and engaging others, is vast. Since its launch in Arizona, CSOs are now present in Oregon, Michigan, Georgia, Mexico, Kuwait and soon to be Florida and New York.

Project Team: David D. Meier M.S., Jeremy Babendure Ph.D., John H. Falk Ph.D.