Chief Executive Officer

Full-Time, Remote (can work anywhere in/near a major metro area)

About ILI

The Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) works with individuals, organizations, and communities to develop and support lifelong, free-choice learning as a mechanism for helping solve the major challenges facing humanity. The Institute for Learning Innovation imagines a future that holds widespread appreciation for a learning ecosystem that makes lifelong, free-choice learning possible and for the importance of investing in the research, development, and training that ensures that this system is as effective and accessible to as many people as possible.

The Opportunity

ILI was founded in 1986 and is going through a momentous Founder Succession stage. To deliver on our strategic vision, we are looking for a visionary and entrepreneurial leader who will have the freedom and opportunity to lead this highly respected organization to amplify our impact on the world. This is a unique opportunity at a unique time to change the way we learn.

Your Primary Responsibilities

The position reports directly to the Board of Directors with the following responsibilities:

1) Organization Strategy

2) Fundraising and Sustainability

3) Organization Operations

4) Board Governance



Strategic Thinking: Develops a clear direction for future growth, sustainability, and creativity. Addresses issues to ensure a sustainable operational environment. Anticipates needs and priorities.

Entrepreneurship: Champions innovation and encourages new ideas. Builds momentum by communicating clearly and consistently. Acts decisively. Helps others to successfully manage the organization and organizational change. Recognizes successes and informed risk-taking.

Accountability: Sets expectations and high standards to accomplish goals. Follows through on all commitments. Maintains focus but knows when to be flexible and adapt accordingly. Maintains a positive attitude, recovers quickly from setbacks. Questions how things were done to develop ways to do things more efficiently. Encourages diverse thought and welcomes contributions and input.

Relationship Management/Collaboration: Builds, maintains and values positive relationships inside and outside the organization. Allocates effort to understand and meet the needs of staff, partners and collaborators. Assists others in accomplishing their goals. Communicates effectively and speaks and writes clearly. Listens and values the contributions of others.

Integrity: Is ethical and honest in all dealings. Treats others fairly and equitably. Delivers what is promised. Is respected by others.

Learning Agility: Learns technology, new systems, and processes to improve organizational proficiency. Inspires and encourages others to learn and grow in their roles.

Coaching and Development: Encourages and inspires employees’ development and long-term career growth. Conveys high expectations for others. Regularly provides helpful guidance and advice.

Execution: Ability to make plans and execute against them to implement profitable outcomes for the organization.

Candidate Response:


We offer:

Autonomy. In collaboration and negotiation with staff, you will make high-level decisions about the work you will do and how you will execute it. We don’t micromanage here. Just communicate clearly and discuss decisions with those affected by it.

Flexible schedule. Go to appointments and run errands when you need to, as long as you’re getting your work done in good quality and on time. We have core hours, but no one is looking over your shoulder.

Ample paid time off. We offer all employees unlimited leave.

Meaningful work. You’ll contribute directly to an organization that is committed to diversity, equity, and social justice and is helping to transform the nature of where, when, how, and with whom people learn across their lifetimes.

Frequent travel (1 to 2 times per month may be required)

The Salary for this position is  $150, 000, with a bonus based on fundraising performance.

To apply:

Send the following to, using the subject line: “APPLICANT- CEO SEARCH”


ILI is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.


Posted Mar 28, 2022