The Institute for Learning Innovation has a demonstrated track record for leading basic research initiatives, actively participating in professional organizations, and contributing important learning-centered publications to the field. Looking for a resource? Browse our staff publications below or contact us for further information.

Conventionality in Family Conversations About Everyday Objects (pdf)

Maureen A. Callanan, Deborah R. Siegel, Megan R. Luce

Investigating the cascading, long term effects of informal science education experiences report (pdf)

John H. Falk Ph.D, Judith Koke MMst, C. Aaron Price, Scott Pattison Ph.D

​Multi-Institution Science Center Impact Study (MISCIS) (pdf)

David D. Meier M.S, John. H. Falk Ph.D., Scott Pattison, Ph.D

The contribution of science-rich resources to public science interest (pdf)

John H. Falk , Scott Pattison , David Meier , David Bibas , Kathleen Livingston