Eve Klein M.Ed.

Program Director

Eve's Expertise
Science Communication Broader Impacts Science Centers and other Free-Choice Learning Organizations
Eve's Location
Seattle, Washington
Eve Klein (M.Ed.) is Program Director for the NSF-funded collaborative research grant Partnerships for Broader Impacts Design, which explores partnerships between universities and informal science education organizations as a way of helping researchers fulfill their Broader Impacts requirements and serve their local community. Since 2014, Klein has also leds the Portal to the Public Network (PoPNet), which helps organizations connect public audiences with the research and innovation happening in their own communities through dialogue with local experts. Prior to her role at ILI, Klein worked for 12 years at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA, where she oversaw the organization’s outreach programs and spearheaded a number of new organizational partnerships and public events. Klein is personally interested in how, where and why, adult audiences obtain the information they use to make everyday science and technology-related decisions for themselves and for their families.
Favorite Free-Choice Learning Activities+
Exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, noodling on various instruments, watching my plants grow!
Contact Me+

Email: eve.klein@freechoicelearning.org
Phone: (503) 877-3975
Address: 9450 SW Gemini Drive, #79315 Beaverton, OR 97008

My Projects

On-the-Spot Assessment to Improve Scientist Engagement with the Public

Portal to the Public

Partnerships for Broader Impacts Design project (BID)

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