July 18, 2022

The Board of Directors for the Institute for Learning Innovation is pleased to announce that it has named Kippen de Alba Chu as its new CEO. He succeeds ILI’s founder, Dr. John H. Falk who has dedicated over 30 years to the pursuit of creating equal opportunity learning experiences for learners of all ages.

Falk has led the organization from within, working hand in hand with his team on a variety of projects for over three decades. “I have been honored to nurture and lead ILI all these years­­—an organization I initially founded in 1986—but there comes a time in every organization’s life when the founder must let go of the organizational reins and allow it to grow and develop without him or her.”  He said. “In 2018 I informed our board that the time had come to begin planning for succession to a new, younger, and ideally more diverse leader for ILI. I’m so pleased and proud of the ILI board and staff for spending the last 5 years strategizing about and ultimately selecting a new organizational leader. Thus, it is with great joy and great confidence that I welcome Kippen de Alba Chu as ILI’s new CEO.”

De Alba Chu comes to the Institute from his role as Interim President at The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History where he served until April 2022. Previously, he served as Executive Director at the Iolani Palace, a National Historic Landmark in Honolulu, Hawaii. He also spent over a decade working in government in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

“Our board of directors is pleased to share that we have concluded our search for ILI’s next CEO” said Board Chairman, Tom Owen. “Kippen de Alba Chu brings both the qualifications and expertise to grow ILI into an even stronger, more impactful organization. We took many months and great care to select the next leader of the Institute for Learning Innovation.“ stated Owen. “We found that Kippen is an experienced leader, advocate, and practitioner of free-choice learning who will build on the existing strengths of ILI while also offering new ideas and perspectives.”

De Alba Chu is based in Fort Worth, Texas where he will continue to reside as he leads the remote team at ILI.  “I could not be more excited to accept the position of CEO at this long-standing and highly regarded organization. ILI has a well-recognized history of dedication to the world of free-choice/informal learning. It’s an honor to lead ILI into the future and to further the work of Dr. Falk and this respected team. The Institute for Learning Innovation will not only maintain its high-level range of expertise but will commit to re-shaping the learning landscape through our deep commitment to creating more robust learning opportunities for all.”

De Alba Chu’s appointment concludes a 6-month national search process completed by a search committee, including ILI’s Deputy Director, Judith Koke. “The search committee worked diligently to find a candidate that would build on our strengths, understand, accept, and support our unique culture and would lead us to the next level of delivering on our mission. I’m so pleased with the outcome.”

Dr. John H. Falk will remain active and committed to the organization and will continue his work on several projects. “I eagerly look forward to working with Kippen as we implement a smooth and successful transition and continue our good work with the many organizations and communities around the globe with whom we collaborate on broadening who, where, why, when and with whom everyday learning happens.”

Please join the board of directors and the staff at the Institute for Learning Innovation in welcoming Kippen de Alba Chu to the community!

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Posted Jul 18, 2022